Financial Award

U.S. Host Institutions will receive an award for three years to support the Fellow’s research and training. The amount of the award for the next three years is shown in the table below which includes a 3% increase each year. 

EGL Financial Table

A Gruss Lipper Israeli Fellow will be awarded an annual Childcare Allowance of 10% of the Fellow’s salary allowance from the Fellowship, per child, upon commencement of the Fellow’s work at the U.S. Host Lab. This will be available for the term of the Fellowship. The Host Institute may not apply any administrative costs to this allowance. 

Upon acceptance of the Fellowship, and commencement of work in the U.S. Host Lab, the EGL Charitable Foundation will provide a one time Relocation Allowance. This amount may be used towards expenses relating to the relocation of the Fellow, spouse and children. Airplane tickets and shipping of personal belongings are examples of expenses that qualify for the Relocation Allowance. The EGL Charitable Foundation will contribute $5,000 towards the Fellow’s expenses, $3,000 for a Spouse and $1,500 per child. The Host Institute may not apply any administrative costs to this allowance.

Fringe Benefits are calculated at 18% of the Salary and are available to be used for health insurance, lab expenses, research supplies, or miscellaneous lab related expenses. A Travel Stipend as indicated in the above table; is included for the Fellow to travel between the United States and Israel during their fellowship or for conferences and presentations. Indirect Costs are calculated at 5% of the total of the Salary, Fringe Benefits and Travel Stipend, and are awarded to the host institute for administration of the fellowship grant. 

It is the policy of the EGL Charitable Foundation that a Fellow does not hold a similar award at the same time. 

The EGL Charitable Foundation will award only one new Fellowship per year to a U.S. Host Institution. 

These grants will be subject to an annual research progress report by the trainee and the mentor, as well as a financial report provided by the appropriate institutional official. A complete financial report for the entire three year period is due upon termination of the fellowship. Any unexpended funds must be returned to The EGL Charitable Foundation. A Fellow must obtain the approval of the review committee before he or she may transfer the grant to another U.S. Host Institution.


Fringe Benefits

(at 18%)

Travel Stipend$  3,100$  3,200$  3,300

Total before Indirect Costs

Indirect Costs
(at 5%)
$  3,799$  3,913$  4,031
Total Award