Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must have finished all requirements for their Ph.D or M.D./Ph.D. from an Israeli institution. With the stated goal of promoting young investigators in mind, applicants may not have completed their requirements more than one year prior to the deadline for submission of an application. The deadline for applications this cycle is October 4, 2021. Applications will also be accepted from pre-doctoral students in their final year of study at a fully accredited Israeli University / Medical School.

Ph.D. and/or M.D./Ph.D. from an Israeli Institution: 

Commitment from U.S. Host Institute: 

Candidates must obtain a commitment from their U.S. host institution for a postdoctoral position before submitting an application. The candidate must not have begun work at their U.S. Host Institute prior to the deadline for submission of an application. Thus no applicant may begin work at their U.S. lab before October 4, 2021, to be eligible for a Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Israeli Citizenship: 

Applicants for the Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Fellowships must be Israeli citizens.